WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) – Aircheck: Kevin Fennessy – August, 1973

In this exhibit, we present “Captain Fantasy” aka, Kevin Fennessy on WPEN 950 in Philadelphia during their first run at an oldies format. Kevin would go on to work at many stations in Philadelphia, including, WEGX, WCAU and WFIL. AUDIO EXHIBIT WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) Kevin Fennessy – August 1973

WSBA (York, PA) Personality Profile – Johnny Knight

Johnny Knight (Jack Crawford) started his broadcasting career in the Milton-Lewisburg area of Central Pennsylvania. Some of his early stations included WUDO and WUNS in Lewisburg and WMLP in Milton. Johnny would make is way to Reading’s WRAW and by the early 1970s could be heard on WSBA. This personality profile would have been included […]