WSBA-AM & FM (York, PA) Susquehanna Plaza Studios Brochure – April 1976

“Welcome to one of the most complete broadcasting facilities in America…” In this exhibit we present an informative brochure provided to visitors of the new studio facilities of WSBA-AM & FM at 5989 Susquehanna Plaza Drive. This brochure offered visitors an overview of the programming features of each station, a little history and a rundown […]

WSBA (York, PA) Advertising Rate Card #23 – April 1st, 1976

How much did it cost to advertise on WSBA back in 1976? The following rate card dictated the cost of airtime for individual dayparts and program lengths and applied to local advertisers. Check out the back page where all of the Susquehanna Radio Corp. properties at the time are listed.