WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy Airchecks – 1987 & 1988

In this exhibit, we present two airchecks of the late Kevin Fennessy on yet another legendary Philadelphia radio station, Eagle 106. One aircheck from December of 1987 and an aircheck of Kevin’s final broadcast on Eagle 106 on New Years Day 1988. AUDIO EXHIBIT WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy – December 1987 […]

WBUX (Doylestown, PA) Darryl Grant (Berger) – 1984 Year In Review

In this exhibit we present a look back at the year 1984, produced and hosted by a young Darryl Berger. At the time, he was going by Darryl Grant and was the News Director at WBUX-AM 1570 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Darryl would become a suburban radio fixture in Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery counties in the […]

Boston Radio Composite – February 1986

In this exhibit, we present almost 60 minutes of Boston radio from February of 1986. You will hear clips from almost every radio station in Boston including: 94 CGY, Power 103, WROR, WMEX, WXLO, WHTH, WMRE, WJIB, WZOU, WEEI, WBZ, WRKO and others. See how many voices and stations you can remember! AUDIO EXHIBIT Boston […]

WMIM (Mount Carmel, PA) ‘Yak Tam’ Billy Urban Polka Show – April 19th, 1987

‘Jak Tam’ Was Polka King Now retired, Billy Urban misses the fun from the ’60s, ’70s June 27, 1997 Ed Schreppel – The Republican and Herald (Pottsville, PA) Just hum the “Lithuanian Wedding Polka” or mention “Jak Tarn” (pronounced “Yok Tom”) and chances are area people who followed polka music in the ’60s will immediately […]

WSBA (York, PA) Great Places To Visit – WSBALand Attraction PSAs

In this exhibit we present a series of thirty-second public service announcements featuring some of the notable attractions throughout WSBALand. These recordings are an example of the many community focused program features that were produced in-house by the WSBA team during the height of their full-service format. While the reel that these were discovered on […]