WFLN (Philadelphia) Audiophile Audition

In this exhibit we present a series of unscoped airchecks of Philadelphia’s classical music station WFLN from 1989 and 1990. These recordings feature a nationally syndicated program called “Audiophile Audition” sponsored locally by Bryn Mawr Stereo. This program featured classical and jazz music as well as interviews of particular interest to high end audio equipment […]

WMIM (Mount Carmel, PA) “Speak Up” Programs with Bill Scicchitano – 1990 & 1991

In this exhibit we present some community talk programs from the now defunct WMIM 1590 in Mount Carmel, PA. The program, called “Speak Up” was hosted by Bill Scicchitano and featured interviews and conversations with a variety of community members, leaders and organizations. Let’s go back in time for a great example of full-service, small-market […]