WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) – Aircheck: Kevin Fennessy – August, 1973

In this exhibit, we present “Captain Fantasy” aka, Kevin Fennessy on WPEN 950 in Philadelphia during their first run at an oldies format. Kevin would go on to work at many stations in Philadelphia, including, WEGX, WCAU and WFIL. AUDIO EXHIBIT WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) Kevin Fennessy – August 1973

Boston Radio Composite – February 1986

In this exhibit, we present almost 60 minutes of Boston radio from February of 1986. You will hear clips from almost every radio station in Boston including: 94 CGY, Power 103, WROR, WMEX, WXLO, WHTH, WMRE, WJIB, WZOU, WEEI, WBZ, WRKO and others. See how many voices and stations you can remember! AUDIO EXHIBIT Boston […]

WSBA (York, PA) Aircheck – Wayne Trout – December 4th, 1962

In this exhibit we present a rare aircheck of Wayne Trout from around 2:45pm to 3:00pm on December 2nd, 1962. This recording also includes a “WSBA First News First” newscast featuring Charles Frederick. AUDIO EXHIBIT WSBA – Wayne Trout Aircheck with Charles Frederick Newscast – December 4th, 1962

WSBA (York, PA) Aircheck – Joe Winters – September 14th, 1993 (12am-5:30am)

Let’s go back in time to the Fall of 1993. WSBA was in full-service mode with music and information throughout the overnight hours. Let’s join Joe Winters as he entertains with some light favorites and informs with news, Accuweather, and even a WSBA Pet Patrol report. AUDIO EXHIBIT WSBA-AM (Joe Winters) September 14th, 1993: Midnight […]