WSBA (York, PA) Great Places To Visit – WSBALand Attraction PSAs

In this exhibit we present a series of thirty-second public service announcements featuring some of the notable attractions throughout WSBALand. These recordings are an example of the many community focused program features that were produced in-house by the WSBA team during the height of their full-service format. While the reel that these were discovered on […]

WSBA (York, PA) Papa Dino’s Commercials – circa 1964

In the mid 1960’s Papa Dino’s was a local Italian restaurant and pizza shop with locations across south central Pennsylvania. Locations included Steelton, Lebanon, Lancaster and York. By the 2000’s Papa Dino’s was down to one location on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, however that location has since closed. Around 1964, Papa Dino’s ran a series […]