WBUX (Doylestown, PA) Newscast with Jim Hubmaster – November 03, 1998

In this exhibit, we present a newscast from WBUX-AM in the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown, PA. WBUX was serving a news/talk format complete with local news. The anchor on this newscast is Jim Hubmaster. Less than a year after this newscast aired, WBUX would be sold to Holy Spirit Radio becoming Catholic Radio WISP. AUDIO […]

WBUX (Doylestown, PA) Darryl Grant (Berger) – 1984 Year In Review

In this exhibit we present a look back at the year 1984, produced and hosted by a young Darryl Berger. At the time, he was going by Darryl Grant and was the News Director at WBUX-AM 1570 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Darryl would become a suburban radio fixture in Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery counties in the […]