Boston Radio Composite – February 1986

In this exhibit, we present almost 60 minutes of Boston radio from February of 1986. You will hear clips from almost every radio station in Boston including: 94 CGY, Power 103, WROR, WMEX, WXLO, WHTH, WMRE, WJIB, WZOU, WEEI, WBZ, WRKO and others. See how many voices and stations you can remember! AUDIO EXHIBIT Boston […]

WSBA-AM & FM (York, PA) “6 Minutes” – Audio Sales Presentation – 1977

One way to get in front of prospective advertisers is through the U.S. Postal Service. In 1977 a special mailing was created that delivered the sounds of WSBA AM & FM to the mailboxes of businesses across Central Pennsylvania. For this mailing, a special program called “6 Minutes”, a take-off of CBS’s “60 Minutes” program, […]