“6 Minutes” Promotional Record (Image Altered To Show Detail)

One way to get in front of prospective advertisers is through the U.S. Postal Service. In 1977 a special mailing was created that delivered the sounds of WSBA AM & FM to the mailboxes of businesses across Central Pennsylvania.

Original Mailing Envelope for “6 Minutes” Promotional Record – 1977

For this mailing, a special program called “6 Minutes”, a take-off of CBS’s “60 Minutes” program, was created and pressed into flexible records that could be easily mailed. These records were very similar to the promotional records distributed by Time-Life and Longines Symphony to promote their mail order record sales.

Original “6 Minutes” Promotional Record – 1977

The program starts with an overview of the format and music of WSBA-FM with a mention of Marshall Passamore and listener clips, then transitions into WSBA-AM with a variety of short clips including WSBA personality Johnny Andrews, news and some listener testimonials.

In this exhibit we present “6 Minutes”.

Audio Exhibit

“6 Minutes” A WSBA AM&FM Sales Presentation – 1977

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