WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) – Aircheck: Kevin Fennessy – August, 1973

In this exhibit, we present “Captain Fantasy” aka, Kevin Fennessy on WPEN 950 in Philadelphia during their first run at an oldies format. Kevin would go on to work at many stations in Philadelphia, including, WEGX, WCAU and WFIL. AUDIO EXHIBIT WPEN (Philadelphia, PA) Kevin Fennessy – August 1973

WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy Airchecks – 1987 & 1988

In this exhibit, we present two airchecks of the late Kevin Fennessy on yet another legendary Philadelphia radio station, Eagle 106. One aircheck from December of 1987 and an aircheck of Kevin’s final broadcast on Eagle 106 on New Years Day 1988. AUDIO EXHIBIT WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy – December 1987 […]

WCAU-FM (Philadelphia, PA) Kevin Fennessy – 1975

In this exhibit we present “Smiling Irish” Kevin Fennessy holding down the night shift at WACU-FM in Philadelphia. At the time, FM-98 was playing the best of 1955 to 1957 as “The Music Maker.” In the 1980’s, WCAU-FM would become a market leader as ‘Hot Hits 98″ eventually going back to gold as “Oldies 98” […]

WBUX (Doylestown, PA) Newscast with Jim Hubmaster – November 03, 1998

In this exhibit, we present a newscast from WBUX-AM in the Philadelphia suburb of Doylestown, PA. WBUX was serving a news/talk format complete with local news. The anchor on this newscast is Jim Hubmaster. Less than a year after this newscast aired, WBUX would be sold to Holy Spirit Radio becoming Catholic Radio WISP. AUDIO […]

WMIM (Mount Carmel, PA) “Speak Up” Programs with Bill Scicchitano – 1990 & 1991

In this exhibit we present some community talk programs from the now defunct WMIM 1590 in Mount Carmel, PA. The program, called “Speak Up” was hosted by Bill Scicchitano and featured interviews and conversations with a variety of community members, leaders and organizations. Let’s go back in time for a great example of full-service, small-market […]