L.A. Tarone – WILK Website Promo Photo

In this exhibit we present one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s most colorful radio personalities, Louis Alfred Tarone, better known as L.A. Tarone holding down the night shift at WILK. Tarone got his first taste of radio at WRKC, Wilkes College’s campus radio station. Throughout his career he worked in almost every music format but he is likely best remembered for his work in talk radio.

In this program, Tarone discusses the raising of the Wilkes Barre levees with Chris Belleman from the Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority. The other major topic of discussion is the alleged election fraud case regarding Eugene Gallagher who was running for a Taylor, PA council seat. You will hear tons of callers as well as L.A. Tarone doing what he did best, presenting great talk radio.

Sadly, L.A. Tarone lost his battle with lung cancer on June 25th, 2017.


WILK-FM (Wilkes Barre) L.A. Tarone PM Show – July 27th, 2010 – Hour #1

WILK-FM (Wilkes Barre) L.A. Tarone PM Show – July 27th, 2010 – Hour #2

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