WMIM (Mount Carmel, PA) “Speak Up” Programs with Bill Scicchitano – 1990 & 1991

In this exhibit we present some community talk programs from the now defunct WMIM 1590 in Mount Carmel, PA. The program, called “Speak Up” was hosted by Bill Scicchitano and featured interviews and conversations with a variety of community members, leaders and organizations. Let’s go back in time for a great example of full-service, small-market […]

WBUX (Doylestown, PA) Darryl Grant (Berger) – 1984 Year In Review

In this exhibit we present a look back at the year 1984, produced and hosted by a young Darryl Berger. At the time, he was going by Darryl Grant and was the News Director at WBUX-AM 1570 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Darryl would become a suburban radio fixture in Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery counties in the […]

WMIM (Mount Carmel, PA) ‘Yak Tam’ Billy Urban Polka Show – April 19th, 1987

‘Jak Tam’ Was Polka King Now retired, Billy Urban misses the fun from the ’60s, ’70s June 27, 1997 Ed Schreppel – The Republican and Herald (Pottsville, PA) Just hum the “Lithuanian Wedding Polka” or mention “Jak Tarn” (pronounced “Yok Tom”) and chances are area people who followed polka music in the ’60s will immediately […]

WSBA (York, PA) VIDEO: Breakfast with Ralphie – March 27th, 1994

This exhibit provides a rare look at a live broadcast with WSBA morning man Ralph Lockwood from March 27th, 1994. “Breakfast with Ralphie” is on-the-road in downtown York at Sparky’s News with York Mayor Charlie Robertson and Accuweather’s Elliot Abrams. The video begins with Dave Russell back at the station handing off to Ralph who […]

WSBA-AM & FM (York, PA) “6 Minutes” – Audio Sales Presentation – 1977

One way to get in front of prospective advertisers is through the U.S. Postal Service. In 1977 a special mailing was created that delivered the sounds of WSBA AM & FM to the mailboxes of businesses across Central Pennsylvania. For this mailing, a special program called “6 Minutes”, a take-off of CBS’s “60 Minutes” program, […]

WSBA (York, PA) Aircheck – Joe Winters – September 14th, 1993 (12am-5:30am)

Let’s go back in time to the Fall of 1993. WSBA was in full-service mode with music and information throughout the overnight hours. Let’s join Joe Winters as he entertains with some light favorites and informs with news, Accuweather, and even a WSBA Pet Patrol report. AUDIO EXHIBIT WSBA-AM (Joe Winters) September 14th, 1993: Midnight […]