WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy Airchecks – 1987 & 1988

In this exhibit, we present two airchecks of the late Kevin Fennessy on yet another legendary Philadelphia radio station, Eagle 106. One aircheck from December of 1987 and an aircheck of Kevin’s final broadcast on Eagle 106 on New Years Day 1988. AUDIO EXHIBIT WEGX (Philadelphia, PA) Eagle 106 – Kevin Fennessy – December 1987 […]

WSBA (York, PA) WSBA Jingles! PAMS Series 17

A radio station strives to carve out an identity that is unique and memorable. This identity translates into rating which translate into sales (theoretically). In the 1960s a radio station’s jingle package was their identity. These “songs between the songs” would stick in the mind of the listener just as much as the catchy song […]

WSBA (York, PA) Personality Profile – Johnny Knight

Johnny Knight (Jack Crawford) started his broadcasting career in the Milton-Lewisburg area of Central Pennsylvania. Some of his early stations included WUDO and WUNS in Lewisburg and WMLP in Milton. Johnny would make is way to Reading’s WRAW and by the early 1970s could be heard on WSBA. This personality profile would have been included […]

WSBA (York, PA) Aircheck – “Dangerous” Dan Donovan – June 1967

For those that listened to WFIL during its Top-40 days the name Dan Donovan should be very familiar. Dan, whose real name was Blaine Harvey, spent over ten years at Famous 56, but prior to his days in Philadelphia he was cutting his teeth in Central Pennsylvania. He got his start at WGET in Gettysburg […]