Eugene Lane – WSBA Control Room 1948

Here is a rare glimpse into the WSBA control room as it was in 1948, only five years after signing on in 1943. There is quite a bit to see in this one photo and for the radio enthusiast it is a kin to a search and find.

Here are a couple of our observations:

1.) The studio is outfitted with RCA broadcast gear (RCA 76-B Mixing Console, a total of 4 RCA 70-C Transcription Turntables, Western Union Clock)

2.) It appears that the control room was outfitted with two broadcast consoles. Our assumption is that the console to Eugene’s right was for WSBA-FM and the turntables closest were also for the FM.

3.) The performance studio is seen through the big window and the top of the grand piano is visible.

4.) Check out the light box on the wall under the clock. Our assumption is that this would show which station, studio or source was live on the air at that time. (If anyone has any insight into the exact purpose of this light box was please share in the comments below!)

What did we miss? Who is Eugene Lane? If you can help fill in the blanks, please comment below.

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