WSBA (York, PA) Sponsor Magazine Print Advertisement – April 1959

Attracting national advertising dollars was a cornerstone of WSBA’s revenue. There were many publications and magazines in the twentieth century that served national advertising buyers. One such publication was Sponsor Magazine. In this exhibit we present a full-page advertisement for WSBA from the April 25th, 1959 edition announcing their partnership with national representative Robert E. […]

WSBA (York, PA) Coverage Map – July 1966

Used in sales presentations, the radio station coverage map was a visual way to show the size of the potential audience a radio station had. Presented here is a WSBA coverage map from July of 1966.

WSBA-AM & FM (York, PA) “6 Minutes” – Audio Sales Presentation – 1977

One way to get in front of prospective advertisers is through the U.S. Postal Service. In 1977 a special mailing was created that delivered the sounds of WSBA AM & FM to the mailboxes of businesses across Central Pennsylvania. For this mailing, a special program called “6 Minutes”, a take-off of CBS’s “60 Minutes” program, […]

WSBA (York, PA) WSBA Presents: “The Parade” September 2nd, 1972

Simply called “The Parade”, WSBA radio put together a big Labor Day weekend event in Downtown Lancaster in 1972. The Parade drew thousands of people and features character balloons, many of which were used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia. Each balloon in the parade was sponsored and each sponsorship had a corresponding […]